I Like Pretentious Burgers

I see you, Prather Ranch. I'm out here on the Embarcadero in San Francisco killing time, writing emails and taking what I think are Instagram worthy visuals. Nobody curates photos of the Bay Bridge like I do with my mirrorless micro 4/3 camera (just as pretentious as it sounds). I roll up to the famous Ferry Building and take a look around inside to find something to kill this hunger. Everything looks more pretentious than my camera. I mean, how many confectionaries do you need under one roof? No matter. I remembered there being a Katz style deli outside I passed as I was walking around. The line was long, so it must be great. Right? I bust through the Ferry Building double doors like a kid leaving school. DAMMIT! They shut down for the day. I guess they only serve the people that get normal lunch hours. 

I'm back inside the building now analyzing each business and every title is more pretentious than the next. I land on American Eatery, because Fuck Yeah?  I have my eyes on the burger, but to be safe I ask the person working "If I get one shot at this, what's the one thing I should try?" With no hesitation my man say's "you want the burger, that's why you come here." 

The hook on the burger is that it's made with dry-aged beef from their namesake, Prather Ranch. I don't know what dry-aged beef is, but it makes sense in my brain. It's cooked perfectly medium rare and seasoned with kosher salt & black pepper. It had a crispy (not burnt) exterior that seemed to make the burger experience a bit chewier than normal for a medium rare cook. This was really dope to me. Ingredients included shaved red onions, velvety sharp cheddar, and organic green leaf lettuce. The stars of the burger are the beef (rightfully), and a housemade burger sauce. Although, the burger sauce might have been a little heavy handed for my taste, but it didn't ruin my lunch.  Lastly, that brioche bun though? This burger is really good, like bust out a @BamBamBaklava "FUCK, THAT'S DELICIOUS" in my head after every bite GOOD. 

Side: I ordered the fries. They were fresh cut, and had an earthy vibe. I couldn't get down with them. I sat there wishing they were tossed in Jacobson Sea Salt, or were made with Truffle Oil. My fries need to be pretentious as hell.