I Had The Burger

The American Dream has always been to move to Portland, Oregon and eat cheeseburgers. In Portland, burgers coarse through our veins, like chunky, ooey gooey plasma. It even shows in our industry. Artisanal ingredients become artisanal burgers, artisanally ingested with clock like efficiency by dreamers who all dream of the same thing. We dream of burgers. 

The burger is king, and in Portland it is premium. Vegetarians dream of cheeseburgers, vegans dream of veggie burgers, and some other people dream of vegan stuff, I guess. Each burger bit and burger morsel is delectable, and deserves a review. As stewards of burgers and premium-ness -- that preme, if you will -- we're here to provide you with those reviews. 

I had the burger, and now you can, too.