The Mercury’s Portland Burger Week 2019 boasts a whopping 60 locations which, like the McDonald’s 42 oz. Super Size drink, is just too damn much. Between work, commitments, and an upcoming vacation, I’m only able to partake in the festivities for the first four evenings. Hell, I barely had time to write this. With a limited window I’m only going to be able to focus on the best of the best and old favorites. Below I’ve broken down my interest in each burger on a scale of 1-10, starting in Downtown and working through quadrants. Factors include location, reputation, and of course the concept. Follow on Instagram or Twitter to see where I end up and let me know what spots I can’t miss.


Adobo Juicy Lucy Burger 

Interest Level: 7

Why: A Juicy Lucy concept automatically piques my interest, the adobo sauce and Filipino green papaya relish differentiate it.

Kells Irish Pub

Sloppy Bo Peep

Interest: 8

Why: I don’t know if this is even a burger but it is a lamb sloppy joe and Kells once again tries something new while staying true to their Irish roots.

Kells - Photo by Portland Mercury

Kells - Photo by Portland Mercury

Portland Burger

Stacy’s Mom

Interest: 9

Why: IT. HAS. MEAT. DUST. I’m kinda scared but I have to know what this is all about.


Wanderer Chili Burger

Interest: 7

Why: If a “Caramelized smash burger” is what I think it is, I’m in. 

Rialto Poolroom

Bacon Care of Business

Interest: 3

Why: Not enough going on with this burger for me to venture into Rialto during the light of day.

DEN at the Portland Marriott City Center

Rhubarbara Ann

Interest: 6

Why: While blue cheese-whipped sour cream and a Beyond Burger option might get me in the door, the name of this restaurant is too much of a mouthful to repeat.

Hopcity Tavern + Market

Sophia Loren

Interest 4

Why: They did a “Sophia Burgara” last year but this is an entirely different burger and now I’m curious why everything is named after a Sophia.

Swine Moonshine & Whiskey Bar

My Big Fat Greek Burger

Interest Level: 7

Why: It’s a complete concept, from pita to sauce. And it seems lighter, which we can use during this heatwave.


Phil’s Meat Market and Delicatessen

Beer N’ Bacon Cheddar Fondue Burger

Interest Level: 8

Why: It’s from a meat market, so it must be good right? Fondue and fried onions sound like a nap waiting to happen.


Grapeful Dead BBQ Burger

Interest Level: 4

Why: Grape BBQ sauce and fried jalapenos are right up my alley but I don’t want to hit the meat sweats in an actual restaurant. 

Kim Jong Smokehouse NW

Korean Hot Dog Burger

Interest Level: 9

Why: It’s from Kim Jong and it’s got a hot dog and kimchi on it!

Kells Brew Pub

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Interest Level: 7

Why: Again, Kells always embraces the challenge. I don’t know what “Irish magic” and “bubble and squeak” are but I’ll be finding out immediately after finishing up at Kim Jong Smokehouse.

Hostel Cafe

Le Cordon Bleu Burger

Interest Level: 3

Why: It’s a simple concept but I did enjoy their burger last year.

Boke Bowl 

The Boke Burger

Interest Level: 0 for me, 7 for you

Why: I already had a version of this when they did the special a few months back but you should go. Hell, I might go if I’m in the neighborhood because it is a good burger. Also available at SE Water location.

Brix Tavern

The Norm

Interest Level: -1 (yes a negative)

Why: They’ve done this burger every year. I actually like it but that is a travesty and a slap in the face of Burger Week.

Tilt Pearl District

Daybreak Espress

Interest Level: 11

Why: It’s available for breakfast again and that’s a game changer. Swan Island and Burnside locations are doing the same burger but with different hours. Check it out if you’re near one of them.

TILT - Photo by Portland Mercury

TILT - Photo by Portland Mercury


The Big Ugly

Interest: 6

Why: With 3 slices of American Cheese and peanut butter, this already sounds like a bad decision. Which sounds like Yurs.


Ponderosa Lounge & Grill (@ Jubitz)

Wish You Were Beer BBQ Burger

Interest: 6

Why: Available early and late and the farthest option North, “The World’s Classiest Truck Stop” has it all. Pair the burger with a movie at the Jubitz Cinema.

Bar Bar

The Liberace Burger

Interest: 3

Why: I love Bar Bar’s burgers, I just haven’t been so hot on their Burger Week offerings over the years. I also don’t understand how this ties into Liberace.

Liberty Glass


Interest: 9

Why: I’ve heard Liberty Glass has a great burger, might as well see what’s up this week.

Las Primas

Street-Style Cheeseburger

Interest: 9

Why: Well it’s the closest spot to where I live and they’re nice people, plus it’s got tostones (crispy plantains)! They’re not open on Monday’s but do add shoestring fries if you’ve got the appetite.


That Good Good

Interest: 7

Why: Smallwares has always done good burgers and returns this year with their new location on Fremont and Williams.


Grand Army Tavern

The Sack Lunch

Interest: 10

Why: I like weird shit. House-made fried baloney and salt-and-vinegar chips classify as weird.

The Hiit


Interest: 8

Why: Greek and Mexican inspired with cilantro-lime tzatziki! You might find me here back to back with Grand Army.

Stoopid Burger:

Dork Burger

Interest: 11

Why: Now we’re in the Burger Triangle (Stoopid, Church, Migration). Anything they’re selling here for $5 is already a steal and I’m sure it will be loaded with BBQ pork and fried pickles.

Stoopid Burger - Photo by Portland Mercury

Stoopid Burger - Photo by Portland Mercury


Chimi Hendrix

Interest: 9:

Why: Church always makes a good burger and I’m excited for the matchstick potatoes. Not excited to try to make it across town before they sell out.

Migration Brewing 

We Got Seoul

Interest: 9

Why: Migration seems to have some of the longest lines and will probably sell out, but they always bring it. Anything on a Hawaiian roll is going into my mouth. 

Migration Brewing Burger Shack

We Got Seoul

Interest: ummm

Why: Apparently they have a burger shack in Lloyd Center? I guess go there when the main brewery’s patio is inevitably packed.

Spirit of 77


Interest: 8

Why: I always avoid them on Burger Week but uh, fried beef might be too enticing to pass up. If I don’t show up to work it’s because this gave me a heart attack.

The Eastburn

EB Mahalo Burger

Interest: 5

Why: Hawaiian bun + pineapple slaw. Do they still have skeeball downstairs?

Danwei Canting

Hunan Black Pepper Burger

Interest: 8

Why: Hot chili pimento cheese! Hopefully it’s cooked a little better than last year.

show bar

Island in the Stream

Interest: 3

Why: Another Bar Bar burger is not doing it for me but If you can get one up to the roof of Revolution Hall for a sunset snack, that might change my mind.


Polish Bomber

Interest: 6

Why: Mushroom gravy sounds really good (it’s making me hungry right now) but might be too heavy for this heat.

Loyal Legion

Mario’s Power-Up

Interest: 6

Why: This one also has mushroom gravy so it could be fun to try these last 2 back to back. 


Elote Burger

Interest: 8

Why: Mexican and Japanese inspired, I’ll probably get it just because I like Noraneko.

White Owl Social Club

Impossible Green Chile Cheeseburger

Interest: 9

Why: I want to try this impossible burger but White Owl is usually one of the most popular BW locations. Aside from not eating and animal, a portion of the proceeds go to the Oregon Food Bank.

The Vern

Ancho Burger

Interest: 10

Why: I loved The Vern when it used to be a dingy dive. Now that it’s under new ownership by the team who also owns Lay Low and Double Barrel, it’s high on my list of must haves.

Triple Nickel Pub

Smoky Bacon-Cotija Slaw Slammer

Interest: Idk, you tell me

Why: Triple Nick still holds the crown for worst of Burger Week but this sounds really good. Someone report back.

Nick’s Famous Coney Island

Fly’n Hawaiian

Interest: 7

Why: It’s Nick’s so you already know it’s gonna be messy. Sweet with some heat in a classic location.

Next Level Burger

Mediterranean Burger

Interest: 6

Why: It’s nice to mix in some non-meat options. Double up with White Owl’s Impossible Burger or take a break after a trip to Nick’s. Also available in SW Portland.

DC Vegetarian

The Carl’s Senior

Interest: 6

Why: I don’t know what a Before the Butcher patty is by I want to try this classic BBQ style vegan burger.

Double Barrel Tavern


Interest: 7

Why: Double Barrel always comes through. They’re not re-inventing the wheel here but I’ll probably show up sweaty and leave sweatier (and smokier).

Night Light Lounge

Thai and Stop Me Burger!

Interest: 7

Why: It’s right around the corner from Double Barrel and should have a taste that will be a nice contrast.

Lucky Devil Lounge

The Daddy Burger

Interest: 10

Why: There’s no time to sit at the rack during burger week but there is time grab one of these. Last year they had the hottest burger

Lucky Devil - Photo by Portland Mercury

Lucky Devil - Photo by Portland Mercury

The Lamp

Fig & Labneh Burger

Interest: 5

Why: Will probably hit this in tandem with Lucky Devil.

Hopworks Urban Brewery

The Odessa

Interest: 2

Why: Sounds fine, go there if you have kids I guess.

Low Low Tavern

Rad Walla

Interest: 10

Why: Best Burger Week burger ever (2017). 

Local 66 Bar & Grill

Smokey K-Pop

Interest: 9

Why: Smoked kimchi, bacon, Korean BBQ sauce... and peanut butter. Let’s get weird.

Bar Maven

Poached Pear Burger

Interest: 6

Why: Somehow I miss their burger every year and this time will probably be no different with my schedule. It sounds fancy and tasty.

Ya Hala

Red Pepper Harissa Burger

Interest: 6

Why: Go there if you live or work in the area.


The Gobler

Interest: 8

Why: Location and name would suggest this is a strip club… but it’s an Eastern European grocery store?! The Gobbler is a full concept that I appreciate but mostly I want to wander around and buy strangely labeled drinks.


Lecker Lucy

Interest: 8

Why: Always interested in a juicy lucy and have never made it out to Zoiglhaus. Maybe this will be the year.

Sunny’s Diner

Sunny’s Diablo Infernal BUMB

Interest: 5

Why: A half pound burger might be too big but the commute back to the city center should let it settle.

Rocky’s Sports & Spirits

The Fiesty Mick

Interest: 5

Why: This one sounds like it’ll leave me full for most of the day. I’d like to see someone tackle Rocky’s and Sunny’s back to back.

Bridge City Pizza

Ferris Buerger’s Day Off

Interest: 7

Why: A bridge too far. It sounds so simple but I want to try it, limited hours will be prohibiting however. 

Oaks Bottom Public House

The Bybee Burger

Interest: 5

Why: It sounds really good, if I make it out to Sellwood I’ll try it.

Moreland Ale House

Brie and Caramelized Onion Burger

Interest: 6

Why: I love brie.

SOUTHWEST and Elsewhere

Aji Tram Restaurant x Bar

Philly Cheesesteak Burger

Interest: 7

Why: I’m always down for a cheesesteak but not a drive to LO.

IBU Public House

Mad Men’s Breakfast

Interest: 5

Why: Fried egg and blue cheese and a rare Beaverton location for Burger Week. Not available for breakfast though.

New Seasons Market

Chef Krista’s Boomin’ Shroom Burger

Interest Level: 10

Why: For anyone working in the suburbs this may be one of the only reasonable lunch options all week. It’s not super exciting but I will be eating and enjoying it.